‘Five Years in Taiwan 在臺灣的五年’ – Video Documentary

Every year, hundreds of foreign students come to Taiwan to pursue college degrees. Ming Chuan University’s International College boasts the largest population of international students among Taiwan’s tertiary institution.

This weekend, some 125 international college students will be among the 4,515 students graduating with undergraduate and advanced degrees from MCU. I spoke to five of these international students who shared with me some of their experiences during their five years in Taiwan.

The film features:

  • Mariama K. Sanneh of The Gambia
  • Eva Wai of South Africa
  • Mcbush Hiele of the Solomon Islands
  • Dawan Sulaiman of Iraq
  • Zongo P. Eliezer of Burkina Faso

Some quotes:

“I knew nothing about Chinese so the first three months, I was thinking about why should I be here.”-Mcbush Hiele

“I can say I had some shock with regard to race because people would be shocked to see a black guy in Taiwan.”-Zongo Eliezer

“Step by step, I tried my best to let them know that not every Iraqi has a gun in their pocket and a bomb in their hand.”-Dawan Sulaiman

“…Compare Middle East with here, especially the girls, it is one hundred percent different.”-Dawan Sulaiman

“That day, I happened to be wearing a really short skirt and some guy … had his hand all over me…”-Eva Wai

“As soon as I entered the bus, he immediately held his nose and said I smell … I felt so bad … That is an experience I would never forget.”-Mariama K. Sanneh

“People are really disciplined here… I have never gotten into a fight with any one…”-Zongo Eliezer

“When I started to get along with my foreign friends, I started to learn new things…”-Mcbush Hiele

“When you live in your country, you only see your environment… When you come here, you start to realize that globalization is something real.”-Zongo Eliezer


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