Taiwan College Students talk Marriage, Family et al

So far this semester, I have had the pleasure of working on two projects that have brought me into contact with some “ordinary” people who have interesting views and experiences on marriage and family. I will like to share these with you.

The first is an interview with Michael and Emily Jefferies, an American couple studying here in Taiwan. They shared with my groupmates (Yirone Huang, Curry Lin, Michael Wijaya) and me their experience of being married and in college.  This was part of our Radio Production course midterm project. The following two videos are that project in its entirety with the interview in the first part.

YCMK: The World that is Ming Chuan International College (Pt1)

YCMK: The World that is Ming Chuan International College (Pt2)

The second is from an interview for a personality feature with fellow Vincentian, friend, and schoolmate Jamali Jack. He told me, among other things, of what shapes his strong believes in marriage and family. The following is an edited segment from that interview. You can read the personality feature here.


7 thoughts on “Taiwan College Students talk Marriage, Family et al

  1. Thanks Kenton for sharing your radio program with me. We are truly proud of Jamali and we know that with his determination and commitment to do things right, would enable him to be a wonderful husband and father. He has a sweet and beautiful wife who would help him to be the best. We are also proud of your journalistic development and look forward to your return to SVG where you can make an impact on our local news media and our young people

  2. Thanks for sharing. Great work. I especially appreciated the interview with Mr Jack. It made me remember when I was a child, up to about 8 yrs old when my grandparents were alive. We would look at Family classics, listen to Unshackled and cricket on the radio. Those were the best days of my life.

  3. HI, Thanks Kenton for sharing this with me. i found it very interesting, love the subjects and the interwiews. Hope i can hear more about your works, they are really interesting they made me think more about my family and many other things in my life. Thank u so much, Take care. ~^0^~

  4. Great work Kenton! I found the topic so interesting. Michael and Emily seem like a happy couple; its like they have it all mapped out. I totally agree with any person who chooses to get married; doesnt matter at what age. My thing is if you find someone who you are in love with, and you know you want to spend the rest of life with, then nothing should hold you back! Most peops misconstrue what marriage is all about; thats why i like what Emily said, “its not a siamese twin life.”
    Jamali Jamali…i’m glad to have met him. He seems like THE MAN!! haha…his wife is lucky. He hold his wife in such high regards, and i admire that. But mostly i admire how much he loves Christ; for without him nothing is possible, and that would make him and Gena’s marriage last 4ever!! I found his interview sooooo interesting. I esp like the part when he mentioned that one of the best gifts to his children would be to take care of his wife. You go boy!!!
    Once again Kenton…GREAT JOB!!

  5. Thanks a lot.
    I am so proud to be your radio production partner.
    I really enjoyed it when we did our midterm and final projects.
    Hope we have a chance to work together next time.

    GOOD JOB!!

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