Taiwan’s National Day 2007

Taiwan celebrated its 96th National Day with a military parade that for the first time did not include a public address by the president.

However, it was the first time in 16 years that the nation displayed military artillery on its National Day, a kind of de facto Independence Day.

The move, which some say can anger the People’s Republic of China (PRC) , sparked sporadic protests inside and outside the celebration venue, the Taipei Times reported. The PRC claims Taiwan, which has been selve governed for more than 90 years, as a renegade province

The military parade was schedule to include a flyby, a ground forces parade and parachuting. However, the parachuting was cancelled because of poor weather.

Celebrations climaxed with a fireworks display which included a formation of “I love Taipei).

I watched the display from the vicinity of the Taipei Bridge along the Danshui River. I was in the company of Ray, a Taiwanese who I met here during my first visit in 2005, his girlfriend Nancy, my Swazi roommate Mlungisi and other friends of Ray and Nancy’s.

I was able to capture some of the images on camera and also offered some comments. My friends and I also enjoyed some Taiwanese refreshments after the fireworks.


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